Console Evolution

In communication centers, responsiveness means effectiveness. By combining sophisticated technology, modular adaptability and climate control, Mercury does more than keep pace; it anticipates what's around the corner.

  • Future Proofing

    Mercury Hub's and Storage provide ample capacity and mounting hardware for the technology of today and tomorrow.

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  • Tech Integration

    State of the art, low noise cooling fans keep CPU's at their optimum temperature.

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  • Durability

    Premium laminate surfaces, ergonomic edge banding and fabricated steel structures are designed to stand up to the test of the 24/7 work environment.

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The Evolution of the Dispatch Console

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Early consoles were designed to balance digital and analog hardware on a single worksurface.

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As digital technology became the standard and monitors shrunk, a significant portion of the worksurface became a 'dead zone' for collecting dust and redundant cabling.

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Today, Mercury reclaims the unused surface area to create a spacious user pocket with adjacent storage and open sight lines throughout the facility.

Wired For Simplicity

Everything under Mercury's hood is readily accessible, quickly secured and completely compartmentalized. Large cable in-feeds and raceways are easy to manage, while plug-and-play junctions are built into both worktop peripherals and monitor arrays.

Why Mercury?

Mercury 3up userfocused

User Focused

The tri-linear cockpit is designed to maximize usable surface area, improve sight lines throughout the facility and keep technology and storage close at hand.

Mercury 3up heattransfer

Active Cooling

The proprietary state-of-the-art low-noise cooling system thermostatically controls and automatically activates to keep equipment running at an optimum temperature.

Mercury 3up robustconst

Robust Construction

A fusion welded 12 gauge steel frame is guaranteed to last.

Mercury 2up usertechbay

User Tech Bay

Audio, data and USB ports are conveniently located in the worksurface dash with a hinged cable management compartment.

Mercury 2up comfortcontrols

Comfort Controls

The energy efficient Environment Controls provide two dimmable LED reading lights, low voltage cooling fans and forced air heating.

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    Modular Design

    Mercury Consoles begin with the Hub, a high volume cabinet that houses power and data infeeds, rackmount technology and cable pass throughs.

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    Bridging The Gap

    The hubs are linked by a Cable Bridge for routing wires and supporting privacy screens. A lockable access door provides free and clear access when necessary.

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    Expansive Worksurface

    Mercury's worksurface assembly is fully height adjustable and includes a user dash for comfort controls and data access..

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    Acoustic Insulation

    Mercury privacy screens provide an NRC rating of .75 thanks to recycled denim wool insulation and perforated steel paneling.

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    Easy Access Tech

    Lockable technology cabinets feature built in rack mounts, automated cooling fans and open from both sides. The wrap-around monitor array is electronically height adjustable and designed for quick replacement of individual monitors.

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    Personal Storage

    Mercury offers a breadth of personal and shared storage cabinets with built-in wire pass throughs and a variety of door, drawer and shelf configurations.


Mercury's patented Dynamic Ergonomic System boasts three axis of adjustability for comfort and wellness in the workplace. A full height adjustment range of 22"-48", powered monitor array lifts and a quick release surface depth adjustment ensure comfort for any user.

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Command Model Vs. Dispatch Model

Two trim packages extend the value of Mercury consoles for multiple applications. The Dispatch model offers luxurious comfort controls and a built in monitor array while the Command model provides only the essentials for EOC's and back-up centers.

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Mercury combines sophisticated technology, modular adaptability and best in class user comfort to define the future of dispatch consoles.