Relay Workbench

raise your expectations

Designed for use in Real Time Crime Centers and Emergency Operations Centers, Relay Workbench provides an electrically adjustable workstation with integrated power delivery in a compact footprint.

  • Simple Specification

    Standard workbench segments are available in two depths and three widths for easy space planning and configured using an intuitive starter-adder logic.

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  • Built For High Focus, Task Intensive Environments.

    Ideal applications include: Real Time Crime Centers, Emergency Operations Centers, Tactical Analysis Centers and Security Operations

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  • Trolley Storage

    Trolley is a compact and mobile unit with functional compartments to organize files and personal items. An optional cushion provides impromptu seating.

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  • Monitor Array

    Worksurfaces may accommodate either clamp-on or bolt-through monitor array bars with capacity for up to three widescreen displays.

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Relayworkbench endpanel partial

Partial End Panel

A minimal sheet steel covering color-matched to the Workbench Raceway.

Relayworkbench endpanel full

Full End Panel

Available in a solid color or complementary woodgrain, this options completely shrouds the end of the Workbench run.

Relayworkbench cu raceway

Power and Data

Under the surface is an 8 wire, 4 circuit (2+2) power raceway with four outlets and three data connection points per user.

Relayworkbench cu cabling

Cable Management

The Workbench includes built-in cable storage and vertical cable management designed for height adjustable surfaces.

Relayworkbench modeltype single

Single-Sided Workbench

For aisle, wall facing, or theater style applications, Relay Workbench distributes power and manages cables within a compact footprint.

Relayworkbench modeltype double

Dual-Sided Workbench

For maximum efficiency, Dual-Sided Workbenches share support and technology features without affecting workstation size.

Relayworkbench cu byrne

Desktop Power

Bring power, data and USB charging convenience to the worksurface with a repositionable power module.

Relayworkbench cu cpuoptions1

CPU Mounting Options

Small format computing may be mounted to the underside of the worksurface or vesa-mounted to the array bar to simplify cabling and IT maintenance activity.