24/7 Ergonomics

Synergy consoles were designed from the ground up to withstand a decade or more of 24/7 use in the rigorous environments of emergency-response centers. Three ergonomic packages ensure the right fit for any application and a user-friendly interface gives Dispatchers full control of their environment.


Synergy consoles combine easy to access technology storage with fully ergonomic consoles and a host of user accessories. A simple aluminum frame provides unmatched durability with a range of beautiful finish palettes.

  • Ergonomics

    Fully adjustable worksurfaces and input platforms adapt to users height preferences and allow for sit-to-stand flexibility.

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  • T C S

    Total Comfort System: A single device containing height adjustment, task lighting adjustment, mobile airflow and radiant heat controls can be positioned anywhere on the worksurface.

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  • Durability

    Premium laminate surfaces, ergonomic edge banding and fabricated steel structures are designed to stand up to the test of the 24/7 work environment.

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  • Tech Cavities

    Discreet, vented cabinets for CPU storage fit underneath the console with rear and front access panels.

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Three Types of Synergy

Synergy Consoles are available in three configurations to meet broadly ranging architectural, mission and budget requirements.

Synergy modeltype fulllift

Full Lift Console

For ultimate ergonomic control the Synergy Full Lift Console enables seamless adjustment of both front and rear worksurfaces.

Synergy modeltype centerlift

Center Lift

Center Lift consoles allow monitors and input platforms to be adjusted independently while keeping tertiary work zones in place.

Synergy modeltype linear


For compact environments, Linear Consoles are fully height adjustable with an independent input platform.

Synergy tcs

Total Comfort System

Watson’s Total Comfort System is a single point interface for height adjustment, airflow, heating, and lighting adjustment.

Synergy techlink

Tech Link

Techlink™ provides easy user connectivity at the work surface for up to 10 input devices, like keyboard and mouse. Wire management is conveniently organized at the rear for tech-access.


Synergy's Total Comfort System™ places command of console adjustment at a user’s fingertips. A single device containing height adjustment, task lighting adjustment, mobile airflow and radiant heat controls can be positioned anywhere on the worksurface.

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Depth Adjustment Assembly

For additional ergonomic flexibility, the optional Depth Adjustment Assembly allows for the entire monitor array to move without impacting the worksurface.

Synergy keyboard


Keyboard platforms are the staple of ergonomic work environments. All synergy consoles include an adjustable input platform.

Technology Integration

Accessible from both the front and rear of the console, Synergy cable management features horizontal and vertical pathways to simplify the constant task of managing wires by IT personnel.

Synergy techintegration
Synergy cavity

CPU Cavities

Easy to access CPU cavities feature roll out shelves to make technology adjustments simple and quick.

Synergy cablemanagement

Wire Management

Cable clips and vertical wire managers are included throughout the console for a clutter free design.

Synergy 1

Available in Center Lift and Linear configurations, each Synergy 1 console features a sturdy open leg design, front access technology cavities, and easy access wire management.

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Synergy consoles offer three levels of ergonomic adjustability, superior durability and intuitive technology integration for dynamic 911 environments.